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Empowerment through

Financial Education

We provide our students with the necessary tools needed to become confident traders. Founded in 2017, EZ Trading Academy is dedicated to offering experienced trading knowledge based on techniques that have been proven time and again to be effective in the market. Our courses range from introduction to the stock market to various technical analysis practices, as well as fundamental trading knowledge. Our virtual classroom takes students through seemingly difficult trading concepts step-by-step and makes them easy to understand with our beautifully simple illustrations and interactive activities. With our courses, you will build the foundations of stock trading and investing, and will learn how to make informed trading decisions for your future.

Our Partners

EZ Robotic Trading, LLC. has developed an automated trading platform, called EZTRON, with a state-of-the-art market scanner. Combined with their real-time virtual trading engine and beautifully intuitive charting tools, The EZTRON platform provides our students with a safe, user-friendly environment to practice the techniques and principles we teach in our courses.


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